Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guys….I love you!!!

The ppl I love the most in this world – that’s of ‘course my parentz.
But after that, my world revolves around my friends. While making new friends, I always fear of losing them. That’s what my past experiences has taught me.
Whenever I make new friends ….and talk to them …and get close with them …and starts liking them and…and…they go away from me [not like they run away from me...their parents get transferred, they move to some other place and will go out of contact]. This was the case of my childhood friends.
But recently...I have been losing friends because I started fighting with them often…I couldn’t help it. When I get angry, I lose all my control and fight...even if I know that the mistake is from my part, I keep on arguing...I don’t know why… But whatever I say …. I don’t keep anything in my mind. I forget about the fight right away, but, they never forget it…
[I do fight with you, but still... I love you guys…]
I have hurt many of my beloved friends….knowingly and unknowingly...I do realize it and I never wanna repeat it again.
And while writing about friends, I cannot leave these three unstated – Maithili, Vishnu and Remi – the ppl with whom I never feel like fighting…

Thank You Reshma for Sharing the Love.

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