Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Virtual Friend

Its days like these I like you most
When I buzz you with a bad mood 
And even if you are in between something better
You let me rant for what can seem like an hour or so

You listen to me go on and on
About some guy who broke my heart 
Or my girl friend with whom I just fought

A small little smiley, a friendly ear you lend
To my mundane problems that ever end
Its crazy how I sometimes imagine you so near
And people sitting next to me so far

I don't have to call you everyday 
Or tell you every detail of my life
And without our little chats
So many weeks pass by
Then again out of a blue moon
When I buzz you, 
We end our conversation 
with the usual "talk to you soon"

Thank You Salma for sharing the love.