All You Need To Know

This blog is about LOVE.

Please leave your shoes and cynicism outside the walls of this sacred space.

All the world needs now is Love, and I hope I am able to add a bit of love and cheer to your day.

This blog can be all about Love.
Unapologetic Love.
Love with unbelievable expression.
Utopian Love.
Ideal Love.
Love without Boundaries.
Lifeless Love.
Loving a pet.
Loving a tea-cup.
Smiling with Love at the beggar on the street corner.
Sticking your tongue out at a child in the next car just to make him laugh kind of Love.
A Love Letter - Famous or not.
An image that signifies Love.
All celebrations of Love personified by you, by me, by anybody.

All you have to do is email me at with your entries.

Let's Spread Love.