Friday, September 17, 2010


It was nearing midnight and the blowing wind made the whistling sound. The street outside was deserted, except for the occasional group of college goers returning from a beer-bong party with the mirth of youth and carelessness that abounds that phase of life. 

“Where is she?” He worried.  

It’s just like her, to get lost in work and forget about the rest of the world.  It tempted him several times to pick up the phone and ask her what time she would be home. Even after being in an on-off relationship for three years, there was nothing that could get him used to this behavior. Their relationship was found on the basis that they understood each other and for each of them the other was the safe haven that they return to time and again. He knew how much she hated being interrupted when immersed in work. Same went with him and it was accepted to just let the other be.  Both of them were ambitious and driven people, eager to be part of something big and dreamt of that day together countless times.

When he worried about her, he usually started cooking to keep his mind off thinking excessively. Fresh pot of coffee, some dough in the oven, and pasta later; the door clicked open and she walked in the kitchen.  

“Nothing like your anxiety cooked food at night to celebrate” said she and kissed him lightly. 

Seeing her home and with a satisfied smile on her face, calmed him. 

“If this is your new strategy to get out of making dinner, then it works excellently”.

 “Aah” she said, “you read me better than anyone” and started setting the table. She poured some wine in two glasses and handed one to him. 

“What’s the occasion?”

“You mister are talking to the Head of Operations, of Europe division. If you would raise your glass and drink with me, to dreams and their coming true!” 

Things had only started getting somewhat real for them after so many years of being just friends and meeting at conferences. They started living together when both of them by a lucky coincidence were posted to work in London. As happy he was for her success, the job meant relocation to Zurich. This was one of those discussions they had had several times. After all those long nights of animated debates, they had come to the conclusion that whenever something like this would happen, each would follow their dream and there would be no question of putting the person on the spot to choose.

Happiness is a mistress he thought. On the one hand, her happiness was all he wished for and on the other it meant she would no longer be with him. 

He looked deeply in her eyes, raised his glass and said “To everything that makes you happy, may it be everlasting”.

Thank you Salma Sultana for the entry.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If there could just be a way of getting there
I wouldn’t hesitate to get on the first plane
If there were words to say all that I want to
I would shout at the top of my lungs
If there were tears that I could shed
I would fill an ocean full of them

I wish I could just make you stay
To give you all that I have
To be with you
It’s hard to see you going away
But there is no way to stop you
My heart wrenches at the thought
That it was all my mistake
Oh why couldn’t I understand
How important all of it was

I just pray that someday
We could talk about it all
I can say what I want
Without using any words at all
And you would hear it with your heart
My hands would be in yours
And we would stay like this forever

Thank you for your entry Salma Sultana...