Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He came out of the shower frisking his hair, playfully whistling a line of song  from Matchbox 20, a bath towel loosely wrapped around his waist.
He smiled ,seeing her sitting on the edge of his table, which was near a window, that opened into the garden. Sunlight shone bright through the parted, lime green colored window curtains. Shadows played Tic- Tac -Toe with the check patterns on his bed sheet

She sat there silent. She looked brilliant. She was calm.

His Computer was churning out the codes, he had fed in for compiling before he went into the shower. Only the loud hum of the P.C fan filled the room. She and him was all alone.

With a wicked and playful grin, he moved towards her. She always tempted him in more than one way. She was always with him, when he needed her, enlightening him up and giving him that "mood" to work. It was in her that he found his solace.

He stood near her. His computer monitor had flashed a few warnings and exceptions. It listed ..quiet a few on that list..
"That could always wait" he said in low hushed voice.

His cold fingers closed around her waist!!


He felt his nerves tinge, as he felt her warmth. There was a new rush of emotions in him. He embraced her..
He pulled her closer, his lips parted to take her in him!!
Time seem to stand still. He was experiencing the bullet time like those in the movies.

He placed his lips on her...His nostrils widened as to feel her sensual smell..
"mmmmmmmmm...." A moan of ecstasy escaped him.

Her hot steamy warmth, on his face..was soo *cushy mushy gooy gooy for him.

He took a little sip out of his coffee..
"Aaaaahhh...Blisssss!!!!" He closed his eyes..his tongue rolling in his mouth. His taste pallets bathed in the glory of coffee..
"Coffee..Kick starts my brain" He said to himself with an eyebrow raised and a twisted smile.

"You don't drink coffee...You make love to it"

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  1. I thought something was different here when I read...

    "His cold fingers closed around her waist!!"

    Good One Sorcerer! Only you can come up with this!

    :D :D :D

  2. It has to be sorci and only sorci who could give you a fake one!!

    :) and still make you believe something will come ;)

  3. @sulagna
    hm...Love is a thing that exists from subatomic level to russian space stations.

    Yeah..I will try to write a story about moon and your bald head..the love shared between them

    @D,aparna,Hathi, *
    thank you:) nice to know that you people liked it