Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thank you TBG for Sharing the Love.

So the love of my life is never home before 10 on most weekdays. If you keep up with my blog or know me otherwise, you would surely know this too by now. It's usually me who manages to trudge home in my ancient chariot (read: Ambassador) at about 9 and cook dinner or something edible that might pass for dinner for most bachelors living alone. Ooops, Sorry little apple, did I say 9? Nah! I meant 7 PM! :P

And the one day that the poor Sun rises from the North and she decided to turn up at my front door at 7 and I'm not there. Aha! And in around 30 seconds my phone rings. I answer it and am shocked to find out she's at home. And I'm not. I promise her I'll be home ASAP even though I very well know I would not be able to be home before late. Anyways, all's fair in love and war eh? So we hang up the phone and I get back to work.

A couple hours pass and I'm still hard at the file in front of me. The staff has long departed for home and I am sitting on my gorgeous butt trying to ignore the fact that it's late. And that's when the phone rings again. I look at the screen and my worst fears come true. She's calling again! Darn. So I tell her I'll be a little late. Needless to mention here she hangs up the phone without a word.

Silence says a lot. It would surprise us to no end when for the first time we realize that silence speaks a great deal more than words expressed out loud. The phone stays silent for another hour and then it rings again. She's pissed off at me greatly and would be going off to sleep and she makes that clear. She adds that I am a bald pea brained moron who never has the time of life for her. Aha. Sounds familiar to you eh?

11 Pm I leave from work and manage to make it home in 20 minutes. What? Why are you surprised? It might be an old car, but it's still worthy of it's gasoline! 

The house is all dark and quiet. Tired and weary, I take out my key and unlock the door. Locking it behind me I can see the house all dark and empty. I climb the stairs and there she is, pretending to be fast asleep, suppressing giggles, and waiting for me to discover that she's actually been waiting for me sweetly all this while. 

There's ice cold milk in the refrigerator just the way I like it, a gorgeous bowl of pasta and a equally gorgeous bowl of potato salad just the way I love it on the mantle. 

Need I say more? 

The sound of those giggles and the rustle of the sheets when she tries to cover her face to hide her giggling is enough to make all the weariness go away. 

Love, Tbg.


  1. Really mushy. But then I am a cynic

  2. awww... thats so mushy and cute :).

  3. All said n done.. why was she giggling!? :-P

  4. @ Ritu, Thank you!

    @Harini, Thank you!

    @ Shalini, Thank you!

    @Nilanjana, She was giggling because she made me believe that she would be asleep and angry when in reality she had cooked something for me and was waiting up for me to get home.

    But then, do girls need a reason to giggle ever?


  5. Awwww...absolutely sweet :)

  6. This woman is dangerous,please use caution.1.)She threw daggers at you with her words that pierced your heart.2.)She gave you food poisoning by leaving the potato salad out on the mantle instead of in the refrigerator.Potato salad should never be left out,the combination of hot eggs, potatoes mayonnaise and warm temperature is dangerous.Also a woman should build her man up with her speech never tear him down.

    If I were you I would pray for a test that will expose her true feelings for you right before your eyes.

  7. Awww!!! You are amazing!! It isn't just what happened but how you described it that made it so ... so wonderful. (Trying not to say awesome or mushy or sweet :))

    Wish you many more such gorgeous pasta, cold milk and potato salad... just the way you love it. :)

  8. To TBG : she's a darling :) how sweet of her

    loved the post and yup love is ALL we need

    To queenmatrai : beautiful blog indeed!

    @BarbieJones : The woman loves the man. Period.

  9. cute love story
    waiting and waiting and

  10. @ Shail, thanks tonnes! :-)

    @ Barbie Jones, thanks for your concern. But the potato salad I am talking about has no eggs. I don't eat eggs you see. What I meant was more like the potatoes we have during "Navratras." Plain boiled potatoes, mashed into smaller pieces seasoned with salt and chilli and coriander leaves. The old Indian style!

    @IHM, Thank you! Much appreciate your kind words.

    @ My friend of Misery, Thank you so much. You're very kind! :-)

    @SM, Thanks!

  11. Awwwwieeee!!!!! Super cute!!! Both you and your love. :)

    Keep the love alive. :)

  12. Potatoes are potatoes any way you slice them,they can cause a hazard if not handled properly.How long did she leave the potato salad out for?Was it served ice cold like it should be not room temperature?A lot relies on that and is a telling tale of how she feels deep within her heart and soul for you.

  13. This is such a sweet post, god bless :)

  14. very sweet - love IS all we need :)

  15. Awwww! Barbie Jones is SO concerned for you TBG!! :D:D:D

    Sweet story! A big AWWWWW!! :)

  16. GettingThereNow you best not associate me with TBG I like gay guys not straight.

  17. Awesome :)
    Absolutely loved it!!

  18. awwwww ...thts is so so sweet...
    when love's there, there's nothing else that one would need :) ...

  19. my goodness ... it's so sweet !!

    p.s. came to ur blog from tangy tuesday ... sometime word can't express what smile on the face can ... love ur writing ... awesome !!

  20. Thank you so much all of you. Much appreciate it. Your encouragement goes a long way in helping us keep this blog alive and kicking.

    Thanks! And we hope to see your entries soon too!

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  22. That is what is called sweet love.