Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thanks Haathi for sharing...

this is an old entry from my blog. one i had written when i was thinking about going out with someone i worked with. an "office affair" it would be called. i was torn between issues of ethics/professionalism and what my heart was leaning towards.

i took a chance.

and i ended up marrying that someone 2 years later.


everyday, i walk around like nothings going on. when actually every sight, every sign, every little detail that has anything to do with you makes my stomach do a back flip.

still, i go around pretending. like nothings going on. it doesnt feel right, but then again i dont know whats right anymore.
im torn. in a battle between my head and my heart. im leaning towards what my heart wants, and for once in my life, im trying not to let my head get in the way.

i feel it most when we're sitting across a table..pretending to be miles apart.
so close, and still miles apart.
so far, and yet so close to my heart


  1. Please email your entries to now...

  2. Whoa! You're a courageous girl. Hats off to you!

  3. Its not a bad thing...falling for a dragon and all..
    its quiet natural..

    relax close your eyes and take a deep breathe!!!
    everything will be alright..when you open your eyes!

  4. ohh i got to send you :)