Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two years ago, I took a Caribbean cruise with an Aussie room-mate of mine.
Our first port of call was San Juan, more popularly known as Peurto Rico.

As we were walking down the hill on the cobblestone path, I noticed a balcony...

And strategically placed on the balcony walls was a gorgeous print of the Mother and Child glistening in the sunlight.

One day, when I have my own home...I will print this picture and frame it...Keeping it strategically as part of my life...forever...


  1. Wonderful. Who's the contributor on this one? Is this your own?

  2. Seriously. I love this!
    AND the whole concept of the Blog :) Anuuujjaaa! why are you so creative?! It makes me feel like a dim stupid bulb!
    Lol, really. Jokes apart- a lovely idea :)
    So much love,

    {your very personal nightingale} :P

  3. Thank you all and a special thank u to my nightingale :)

  4. The compound wall as I see it needs fresh coat of paint!
    I dont like the compound wall being rejected out of love..
    Dont you people think it needs love too.
    I mean..its protecting the house..the mother and the child and everything...

    What is this world turning into?

    Am I the only one in here who cares about the rejected and neglected..

    *sits in a pondering stance