Monday, July 5, 2010

We have always been very fond of doing up ourhome, so I have walls full of pictures and souvenirs. And yes lots of plants across the house
One of my greatest weakness's is for green and sometimes when I am walking on the road and find a pretty plant, I uproot one, pull out a plastic from my bag and plant it once I'm home.
A month back we were in Mumbai with G's parents and I saw a beautiful plant in the garden, immediately took it out and put it in a plastic with some soil and moistened it. The general verdict was that it would shrivel in the 4 hour drive back to Pune, but I just spoke to it and said "dont let me down gorgeous".

We reached home at 11 in the night, I rushed to my terrace picked up a new pot, poured some soil and planted the little guy. Over the next one week I saw 4 leaves drying , while I watered it, touched it gently and said "dont let me down baby".

It sat on my window sill in the kitchen and I rubbed its leaves with water and spoke to it saying "ohh c'mmon you need to be strong and gorgeous..pls baby".

Today after 45 days, it has 6 new leaves, measure 10cms more than what it was and is dark green and looks at me and says "I love you too ". 

Thank you Sulagna for sharing the Love. 

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  1. Awww...Sulagna! Thats so wonderful...really cute post!

  2. is not just the love you gave but also your green hand...mine is too hot...that everything dries up before it reaches home!

  3. Lovely. I am anyway a fan of her writings! :)

  4. ohh when did this open come up..sorry been down with fever hence the irreguliarity in visiting!!

    thank you sooo much queen **hugs**